Enjoy a private fine-dining experience with Chef Andrew Zimmern and Kyle Rudolph

The Prize!

  • Private Dinner for 2 with Andrew Zimmern and Kyle Rudolph at Mara Restaurant
  • Luxury stay at the Four Seasons in Minneapolis
  • Airfare for you and a guest
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Rally Closed: Jan 30th 2023

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Winner Announced February 8, 2023


Jonathan and a guest will head to Minneapolis, MN where they will enjoy a weekend of luxury at the Four Seasons. The highlight will be a private dinner with celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern and Buccaneers' Tight End Kyle Rudolph!

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WithAll empowers prevention and strengthens support for recovery. We are a nonprofit committed to supporting those recovering from an eating disorder. But supporting recovery is not enough. We must prevent eating disorders from developing in the first place. Through our What to Say initiative, with you, WithAll fiercely works to prevent eating disorders and inspire well-being. It must be simple & it can be.

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