The name WithAll recognizes no one is alone in fighting an eating disorder or in working to prevent one.

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WithAll is a nonprofit committed to supporting those recovering from an eating disorder. But supporting recovery is not enough. We must prevent eating disorders from developing in the first place. Through our What to Say initiative, with you, WithAll fiercely works to prevent eating disorders and inspire well-being. It must be simple & it can be.

We aim to serve millions of people with simple, accessible resources that work to 1) reduce the risk of eating disorders through upstream prevention and, 2) help people break through practical barriers in pursuing recovery.

Our activities include:

What to Say:

What to Say is a new initiative dedicated to equipping adults with simple tools to help kids develop healthy relationships with food and body. We’re starting by asking all adults to stop diet and weight talk by taking our What to Say pledge. By signing the pledge, you receive our Simple Guide for What to Say and other tips and prompts to help you protect the kids in your life.

Recovery Support Program:

While pursuing recovery from an eating disorder, financial hardship can make completing essential treatment challenging or unattainable. We issue grants for rent/mortgage or groceries while the grant recipient focuses on recovery while attending intensive eating disorder treatment.

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