Amanda Balionis Renner

Amanda Balionis Renner is a CBS Sports reporter for golf, college football, and the NFL

Amanda joined the CBS sports reporting team in 2017 and quickly became one of the media’s brightest stars. She covers many of golf’s biggest tournaments and, over the years, has interviewed countless prominent athletes and celebrities.

“I was volunteering for K9s for Warriors when I worked for the PGA Tour in Jacksonville, Florida, and it was really fulfilling and gratifying. It made me feel like more of a whole, well-rounded person. And then when I moved to San Diego and took my job with Callaway, all of a sudden I didn’t have that in my life, and I realized how important giving back was to me.

I had to find a way. A friend of mine owns an apparel company called “Puppies Make Me Happy,” and I thought, “Why don’t we do a ‘Puppies and Golf’ shirt?” We’ll have all the proceeds go to K9s for Warriors, so even if I can’t physically be volunteering, it’s still a great way to give back and, more importantly, spread awareness about this national organization.” – Amanda Balionis Renner

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